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Surface Pre-Treatment

For all surfaces there is a choice between two general types of preparation.

  1. Blast cleaning to SA 2.5 Swedish Standard, or SIS SA 2.5
  2. Power tool cleaning, hand wire brushing, chipping or scraping. Mechanical power tool cleaning is preferred.

It must be noted that all loose paint and other contamination are to be removed by grit-blasting, H.P. Washing and scraping, and washing down with fresh water. The surface must then dry before the application of paint.

Grease and oils are to be completely removed with detergent.

For steel, wire brush corroded areas, preferably by means of a mechanical rotating wire brush, to leave the surface to standard ST 2-3 (ISO 8501-1).

Abrading with disc grinding is also recommended.

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Galv-o-Clean is a concentrated alkaline detergent solution, designed to remove surface contaminants, oil and grease on weathered and old galvanised surfaces by its emulsification action prior to rinsing clean.
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