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How to prepare and paint floors

Wax polish can be removed from cement floors by scrubbing with a concentrated detergent solution or Dekro Wondakleen. You will need to sand wooden floors to remove all traces of wax. Linoleum or synthetic/rubberised floors are not suited to take surface coatings. New cement or stone floors must be completely dry before painting or varnishing.


New Surface

Clean down to remove dust, dirt or other contaminants.

Previously Painted or Varnished, but not Polished Floors

If in poor condition:

  • remove all traces of previous coatings by scraping
  • clean thoroughly
  • allow to dry

If in good condition:

  • clean down
  • sandpaper lightly

Previously wax polished

  • Machine sand wood floors to remove all traces of wax.
  • Dust off.
  • Apply paint.

Cement floors

  • Scrub with a concentrated detergent solution.
  • Scrub with an acid etch.
  • Wash down with water and allow to dry.

Remember to apply a test patch before applying the floor coating to ensure compatibility , inter-coat adhesion and wax removal.

Store paints in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Some types of coatings build up gases in the can and could explode if not stored in a cool place.

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