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Galv-Etch is an acid / detergent solution, designed to etch new galvanized surfaces simultaneously with the emulsification of surface contaminants i.e. prefabricators protective coating. Galv-Etch requires a wet reaction period of 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing clean.

Heat Resistance Enamel 200°C

Special blend of aluminium paste and heat resisting resins. Heat fuses paint to form a bright aluminium finish. Ready for use, fast drying aluminium. Heat resistant up to 200°C on exterior surfaces.
Heat Resistant

Fibre Reinforced

An economical water based fibre reinforced acrylic developed for sealing weather facing and hairline cracked plastered walls to prevent the ingress of moisture. Dries to a matt, finely textured surface.
Crack Filler | Plaster

Silicon 400

SILICON No.400 SILVER, is a silicon resin aluminium paint based on silicon resin and aluminium pigment.
Heat Resistant | Silicon

Vinyl AC-HB

VINYL AC-HB, based on vinyl chloride resin and aluminium pigment, provides an effective protection against corrosion.