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Bannoh 500R

BANNOH 500, is a multi-purpose primer, which gives excellent physical properties such as toughness, abrasion resistance and adhesion, etc., and has excellent flexibility, resistance to water and cathodic protection. It is suitable for most areas of ship.
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G.P. Undercoat

A general purpose undercoat for all interior and exterior primed metal, wood, plaster and various types of composition boarding.

Epicon Zinc Rich Primer HB 2

EPICON ZINC HB-2, a high-build anti-corrosive paint, based on a combination of zinc-ASTM D520 II epoxy resin and hardener, is quick drying and gives excellent protection of steel against salt water and water.
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Hydrolock Primer

Hydrolock Primer is a 2-component water based epoxy. Hydrolock Primer is a rapid curing, water based primer consisting of two components; a pre-reacted epoxy resin dispersed in water (Part A) and a waterborne modified polyamine solution (Part B).
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Wash Primer

Commonly referred to as Wash Primer. Main use is over well prepared Galvanised Iron Aluminium, Non-ferrous Metal or PVC.
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