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High Gloss Enamel

Economical enamel for interior and exterior use. Good appearance with a high gloss. Reasonable durability and gloss retention. Especially formulated for the paint contractor.
Enamel | Wood

Sanding Sealer (Clear)

Sanding Sealer is a Nitro Cellulose Sealer for natural wood or veneers where a clear coating is desired in order to enhance the natural beauty of wood grain.
Sealer | Wood


EVAMARINE is an alkyd resin based paint with excellent adhesion properties, weathering resistance and colour retention. Evamarine is recommended as a finishing coat on exterior wood and steel surfaces.
Marine | Steel | Wood


Dekroguard is a water repellent oil based coating containing wood preservatives.
Varnish | Waterproof | Wood

Dekro Spar Varnish

Dekro Spar Varnish is a general-purpose glossy, durable coating that protects woodwork in preference to polishing or oiling.
Gloss | Sealer | Varnish | Wood