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Marine Coatings

Dekro Paints provides a variety of marine paints and primers for boats, ships, pleasure craft, containers and onshore installations such as cranes. These marine paints are provided by Dekro’s own Marinecote range and through the company’s relationship with Chugoku Marine Paints.

Silicon 400

R3,250.43 inc. VAT

Heat Resistant | Silicon

Acri 700

R1,027.64R4,900.09 inc. VAT

Marine Thinners

A subsidiary of Dekro, the Marinecote banner is used to market all our own marine products which include the following specialist applications:

  • Anti-fouling paints
  • Oleoresinous paints
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Polyurethane coatings
  • Zinc coatings
  • Vinyl paints
  • Modified Acrylic coatings

With advanced, environmentally friendly products, the Japanese based Chugoku Marine Paints is regarded as a leading expert in the supply of coatings for marine use.