Spraying Enamel Thinners

Spraying Enamel Thinners is a mixture of different types of aromatic solvents, which allows it a slower evaporation rate. May be used in various paint spraying applications in both, neat and blended form, and in some brushing applications. DOWNLOAD DATASHEET

Etch Primer Thinners

ETCH PRIMER THINNERS is for use in Single Pack and Twin Pack Etch Primer type paints. DOWNLOAD DATASHEET

Lacquer Thinners

LACQUER THINNERS is a solvent generally used for the cleaning of spray equipment, brushes, etc. DOWNLOAD DATASHEET

Cleaning & Stripping

Cement Remover

Dekro Cement Remover is an acid based solution which is used for the removal of dried cement and mortar.
Cement Remover

Galv Prep

An acid / detergent solution, designed to clean, etch and prepare new or weathered galvanized surfaces simultaneously with the emulsification of surface contaminants i.e. prefabricators protective coating.
Cleansing | Metal

Rustrite Wunda Clean

A heavy duty degreaser/cleaner for all metal surfaces, which can be diluted and rinsed off with water.

Wash Primer

Commonly referred to as Wash Primer. Main use is over well prepared Galvanised Iron Aluminium, Non-ferrous Metal or PVC.
Cleansing | Plaster | Primer


Galv-o-Clean is a concentrated alkaline detergent solution, designed to remove surface contaminants, oil and grease on weathered and old galvanised surfaces by its emulsification action prior to rinsing clean.
Cleansing | Solvent