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Xterior Guard

Dekro Xterior Guard is a flexible exterior fibre reinforced waterproofing coating based on a blend of Pure Acrylic polymers.
Antifungal | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster | Waterproof

Ripple Touch

Dekro Ripple Touch is a high quality, heavy textured coating that covers plaster imperfections, surface defects and bridges hairline cracks.
Antifungal | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster


Mediflex is a high gloss, single pack waterborne polyurethane based coating designed with specific hygiene functionality. The in-film preservative is designed to remain permanently locked in and active ensuring no growth of surface micro-organisms.
Antifungal | Polyurethane


Mediguard is a top quality 100% pure acrylic water based coating for the prevention of fungal and algae growth.
Acrylic | Antifungal


Hydrocide is a modern, high quality washable Exterior/Interior Acrylic Emulsion containing a special non-toxic Biocide. Dries to a flexible, tough sheen finish with excellent water resistance. Hydrocide Acrylic Emulsion paint has excellent adhesion and alkali resistance and the presence of biocide makes it effectively resistant to mould growth and bacteria.

Pure Velvet

Dekro Pure Velvet is a premium quality interior/exterior velvet coating, with a low sheen finish which is highly washable, stain resistant and has excellent durability and high opacity.
Antifungal | Concrete | Eco-friendly | Plaster