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Fibre Reinforced

An economical water based fibre reinforced acrylic developed for sealing weather facing and hairline cracked plastered walls to prevent the ingress of moisture. Dries to a matt, finely textured surface.
Crack Filler | Plaster

Sheer Undercoat

Good quality Alkyd based undercoat. Provides good durability to enamel top coats. For interior and exterior primers for primed metal, wood and various composition boards.
Plaster | Sheer
A-GAIN Paint Holder

A-GAIN Waterbased AR Primer

Amoriguard A-GAIN WATERBASED AR PRIMER is an environmentally friendly ultra-matte Alkali resistant primer for application onto cements plasters where good alkali resistance is required.
Concrete | Eco-friendly | Exterior | Plaster | Waterproof
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A-GAIN WB Plaster Primer

Amoriguard A-GAIN WB PLASTER PRIMER is an ecomomical waterbased plaster primer with moderate Alkali resistance.
Concrete | Eco-friendly | Exterior | Plaster | Waterproof
A-GAIN Paint Holder

A-GAIN Topcoat

Amoriguard A-GAIN TOPCOAT is an environmentally friendly, ultra matt, finely textured coating. While suitable for both interior and exterior use, it is most commonly used externally.
Concrete | Eco-friendly | Exterior | Filler | Matt | Plaster | Waterproof
A-GAIN Paint Holder

A-GAIN Exterior Filler

Amoriguard A-GAIN EXTERIOR FILLER is a grey powdered crack filler based on a blend of grey cement blended with recycled wastes and other mineral fillers.
Concrete | Crack Filler | Eco-friendly | Exterior | Filler | Plaster | Waterproof


Sheerflex should be used where outstanding durability and waterproofing properties are required. Sheerflex is designed to cover hair cracks on old and crazed plaster.
Acrylic | Concrete | Crack Filler | Exterior | Plaster | Waterproof

Wash Primer

Commonly referred to as Wash Primer. Main use is over well prepared Galvanised Iron Aluminium, Non-ferrous Metal or PVC.
Cleansing | Plaster | Primer